Window Shading

Depending on what time of day you decide to kick back and enjoy your home theater, you may find the glare from the natural room lighting to be distracting. When we say that there are many ways to heighten your viewing experiences, we mean it! 

This is a fast growing technology in our industry, allowing clients to have shades open and close with the push of a button. At advanced levels, shades can be automated to open and close as the day/night progresses and/or fit the client’s lifestyle. Many different remote systems can be used to access the shade control, letting clients use them in any room they desire.

When you install automated window shading, you are able to transform a brightly lit room into one that is dark and cozy with the push of a button. Doing so absolutely enhances your cinematic experience. Window shading can be adjusted from the same device that controls your thermostat, interior lighting, and audio/video settings. Just the sight of watching your window shades come down will give you a small dose of adrenaline as it signifies that the show is about to start! Window shading really does make a difference. Reach out to us if you’d like more information!


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