Dedicated Theater Rooms

Dedicated theater rooms are one of our signature services. When you decide to dedicate an entire room to the sole purpose of media viewing, the customization options are endless. Nothing says luxury like having the ability to get up from the dinner table and stroll down to your very own movie theater!  

Our past clients have gone all out. We’ve installed multiple flat screen TVs on a wall for the purpose of viewing multiple sporting events at the same time. Right above the wall of TVs hangs a retractable panel that comes down with the push of a button and transforms the wall into a 100+ inch screen display that pairs with a strategically mounted projector that casts a crystal clear picture. When we come in to help design your theater room space, we also determine the right speaker placement.

Our goal is to achieve an acoustical balance that will heighten your senses beyond expectations. This type of set up is perfect for the movie buff and the sports enthusiast. Check out the photos in our gallery to set your ideas in motion. If there is a room in your house that would be perfectly suited as a dedicated theater room, give us a call and we will gladly offer a free consultation and quote!


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