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When was the last time your television’s picture quality made your jaw drop? Screen resolution technology has steadily (and drastically) improved over the years. A few short years ago when flat screen TVs became commonplace, people were amazed at the incredible image quality produced by a screen resolution of 720 dpi. Over time, 720p became substandard as 1080p became the norm.

These days, you’ll be hard pressed to find a 720p TV anywhere other than your local thrift store. Even the once brag-worthy 1080p resolution sets of days gone by are well on their way to becoming antiques.  Who ever would have thought? Make way for Ultra High Definition 4k resolution! Watching TV in UHD is truly a breathtaking experience.  

If you think image quality has come a long way, you won’t believe how far audio has come. In the same way picture quality has essentially become lifelike, the audio component has certainly kept up the pace. The experience you get when you combine the visually stimulating effect of viewing in UHD with the immersive and revolutionary audio technology available to you is indescribable. 

There has never been a more exciting time to upgrade the way you watch television and you’d be shocked at what all you can accomplish on even a modest budget!  We’re ready to hear your ideas and help your home theater dreams become reality.


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