Audio/Video Distribution

Imagine you are in your kitchen preparing dinner for your friends and family. The savory aromas of the delicious meal to come fill your home and delight your guests as they arrive. What could possibly make the atmosphere inside your home more pleasurable? How about some tunes?  

With Audio/Video Distribution, you are able to turn your home into a remarkable acoustic environment that you have full control over. We can install flush mounted speakers in the ceilings of the rooms of your choice allowing for whole home, multi-zone, and multi-source control.  

And that is just the beginning… Rather than having cable boxes and blu-ray players etc. at every TV (and all the extra jumbled up exposed wiring that goes along with it), a central Audio/Video distribution hub will give you the ability to install and control as many TVs in your home as you wish, resulting in a clean, aesthetic, and clutter-free appearance. Every home has different needs.

We’d love to talk with you about which options best suits yours.


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