Lighting Control

With a Lutron lighting system, you are able to automate the lights in your home. If you’ve ever arrived at your home in the evening and found yourself fumbling through the dark as you try to find a light switch, then you’ll appreciate the convenience of being able to control all of your lights from one location.

With light automation, you are also able to use the vacation mode setting to give the appearance that someone is home even if you are away. Light automation isn’t only for the inside of your home. You can set the system up to beautifully showcase your landscaping at night.  Your interior lighting can also have a positive effect on your mood. Imagine how relaxing it would be to kick back in your favorite chair and lower the lights to your desired level of ambience.  

Many people in modern homes consider lighting control to be one of their favorite smart home features. At A/V connections, we believe you will feel the same way. Give us a call! You may be surprised at how affordable this upgrade can be.


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