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Audio/ Video Distribution

We generally use this term for whole-house audio systems. Most of our clients like to access music to all parts of their home. These systems allow us to distribute any source that they have (iPod, XM Radio, Satellite, Cable, DVD, CD, MP3, etc…) throughout the house. We usually install in-ceiling speakers with a keypad or volume control to distribute these signals. Most of the systems that can perform whole-house, multi zone and multi source, also distribute video signals.

media closetThese systems can allow the client to have multiple flat panel TV’s placed anywhere and everywhere through the home and have any type of signal (HD, Digital, Analog, etc…) run to these locations. This is a nice addition so clients do not have to have a Cable box, Satellite receiver or DVD player in every room for the TV. If you would like to have more information on these types of systems, please contact us.

Audio/Video Connections -- Mark Ice

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